Stage 3: Dehumanization

Zsolt Bayer (left) and Viktor Orbán celebrate the anniversary of Fidesz's foundation.

When the figurative becomes literal: Bayer serves Orbán at the 2009 celebration of Fidesz’s foundation.

Zsolt Bayer is a pro-Fidesz journalist who, along with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, was one of 37 founding members of the party in 1988. Bayer served as one of the main organizers of the five pro-government Peace March demonstrations that took place in Budapest in 2012 and 2013. Although Bayer maintains no formal position in the Orbán government or Fidesz (though he did serve as the party’s press secretary for the first five years of its existence), his stated viewpoints can be regarded as an accurate reflection of the opinions of many party supporters and Orbán administration officials. Speaking about Bayer at the journalist’s 50th birthday party in February 2013, National Assembly Chairman László Kövér (another fellow founding member of Fidesz) said  “We have lived together through good and bad, trouble and joy. Not one single time have we disavowed one another, nor shall we” (source in Hungarian). Below is an Orange Files translation of an editorial that Bayer published in the August 15, 2015 issue of the largest-circulation pro-government political daily, Magyar Hírlap (source in Hungarian).


It began on Tuesday. On the Island of Kos, in Greece, where seven thousand intruders (betolakodó) arrived recently. The population of the Island is not quite thirty thousand. The horde poured down on these thirty thousand unfortunate Greeks. The life of the island became paralyzed. Already several months ago. The tourists fled, the hotels are empty, the population is angry and desperate. The horde knows nothing about this. It just continues to flow. And it began on Tuesday. . . . 

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