The Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office

Antal Rogán.

Minister in charge of the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office Antal Rogán.

The Orbán government established the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office (Miniszterelnöki Kabinetiroda) as its tenth ministry on October 12, 2015. Antal Rogán serves as minister in charge of the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office.

The Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office is the second ministry, along with the Prime Ministry, that serves the needs of the prime minister and government rather than carrying out tasks related to some specific domain of administration or policy such as foreign affairs, defense, finance, etc.

The primary duties of the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office are to conduct general political coordination and unified communication for the government (source in Hungarian).

Before taking his ministerial oath, Rogán defined the most important task of the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office as “bringing the opinion of the people closer to the government in the period between the two elections as well” (source in Hungarian).

Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office was responsible for conducting the Orbán government’s “Let’s Stop Brussels!” and “Soros Plan” national consultations in 2017. The office is also also responsible for Orbán government political advertising and publicity, such as the brochures and signage connected to the referendum on European Union Migrant Resettlement Quotas held in Hungary in October 2016 and the government signage displayed during the 2018 general election campaign.

In January 2017, the financial and business news website reported that 272 people worked at the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office (source in Hungarian).

In January 2018, the opposition daily Magyar Nemzet reported that the National Communications Office that operates under the auspices of the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office had awarded 46.7 billion forints (150 million euros) in public-procurement tender funding to various companies for goods and services related to communications and public relations (source in Hungarian).

According to the opposition newspaper Népszabadság, all other government ministries with the exception of the Ministry of External Economy and Foreign Affairs must obtain approval for all official communiqués from the Prime Ministerial Cabinet Office prior to their publication (source in Hungarian).

Last updated: April 20, 2018.