Journalist András Bencsik

imagesAndrás Bencsik serves as the editor-and-chief of pro-Fidesz weekly Magyar Demokrata and is one of the main organizers of the regular mass pro-government Peace March demonstrations (Békemenet). 


Born and raised in Budapest. Attended the Kálmán Kandó Electrical Industry Technical College in the first half of the 1970s. Completed studies at National Federation of Hungarian Journalists Page Setting and Photo Editing Academy.

Prior to the System Change in 1990 worked as journalist at Népszabadság, daily newspaper of Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, and Népszava, daily newspaper of National Federation of Hungarian Trade Unions. 

Served deputy edtior-in-chief at pro-Hungarian Democratic Forum (HDF) daily Pesti Hírlap from 1990-1994. Was a member of the Christian-nationalist HDF, the first governing party in post-communist Hungary, from 1993-1994. 

Established the nationalist news magazine Magyar Demokrata in 1994. Has served as the weekly’s editor-in-chief since its foundation. 

Was one of founders of now banned Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda) in 2007. 

Has served as one of the main organizers, along with fellow journalist Zsolt Bayer, businessman Gábor Széles and the Civil Cooperation Forum organization, of the pro-Fidesz Peace March demonstrations held in Budapest roughly every six months since January 2012.  

Founder of the radical-nationalist Szkítia book stores located in Budapest. 

 Turns 65 in 2016.

Last updated: June 15, 2016. 

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