Stage 3: Dehumanization

Zsolt Bayer (left) and Viktor Orbán celebrate the anniversary of Fidesz's foundation.

When the figurative becomes literal: Bayer serves Orbán at the 2009 celebration of Fidesz’s foundation.

Zsolt Bayer is a pro-Fidesz journalist who, along with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, was one of 37 founding members of the party in 1988. Bayer served as one of the main organizers of the five pro-government Peace March demonstrations that took place in Budapest in 2012 and 2013. Although Bayer maintains no formal position in the Orbán government or Fidesz (though he did serve as the party’s press secretary for the first five years of its existence), his stated viewpoints can be regarded as an accurate reflection of the opinions of many party supporters and Orbán administration officials. Speaking about Bayer at the journalist’s 50th birthday party in February 2013, National Assembly Chairman László Kövér (another fellow founding member of Fidesz) said  “We have lived together through good and bad, trouble and joy. Not one single time have we disavowed one another, nor shall we” (source in Hungarian). Below is an Orange Files translation of an editorial that Bayer published in the August 15, 2015 issue of the largest-circulation pro-government political daily, Magyar Hírlap (source in Hungarian).


It began on Tuesday. On the Island of Kos, in Greece, where seven thousand intruders (betolakodó) arrived recently. The population of the Island is not quite thirty thousand. The horde poured down on these thirty thousand unfortunate Greeks. The life of the island became paralyzed. Already several months ago. The tourists fled, the hotels are empty, the population is angry and desperate. The horde knows nothing about this. It just continues to flow. And it began on Tuesday. . . . 

On Tuesday the horde began to protest. “We want papers! We want to eat!” they shouted and began a sit-down strike on the road leading to the island’s biggest town. Meanwhile the Greek authorities tried to drive the wild beasts (vadak) into a stadium in order to continue the registration process there. Into a stadium because all other possibilities had been exhausted, everything was already full of wild beasts, the Island of Kos was already full. Then a fight broke out among them in the stadium, while the police tried to restore order with billy clubs and fire extinguishers. 

On the Island of Kos everything continued on Thursday. Only this time the intruders did not fall upon one another, but they attacked the police. According to the report in an English-language Greek newspaper: “the hordes of illegal immigrants attacked a police station in Kos and injured police officers.” The mayor of the island published a statement. Giorgios Kyritsis said: if the situation continues to deteriorate, bloodshed will be unavoidable. “There is no longer law and order in the town,” Kyritsis reported. 

Let us take note of this: there was a brave and normal person who dared to speak the unspeakable: “If the situation continues to deteriorate, bloodshed will be unavoidable.” 

And let us take note of this as well, that it appears that the Greek government has come to its senses. According to the news reports: “Following the mayor’s appeal the Greek government intervened on Wednesday: it is sending a ship and riot police to the area.” Now the only question is whether the Greek government will dare to go so far as to deploy the riot police and the war ship. 

If so, then the Greeks will write history once again. If they dare to deploy the forces of order, if necessary then the military as well, if they finally clear the island of Kos of these hordes, then something will have started. But only then. And then, if the hordes, the rioters, those who injure police do not drop anchor in Athens so that they can then come here. This is out of the question! We will write history if they send these [people] packing, if they remove them from the vicinity of Europe once and for all. 

Then something will have finally begun that must be continued. 

Because let’s just take a further look at the events of recent days! 

At a seaside resort in Spain called Salou the “immigrants” clashed with the police. The reason: a Senegalese black marketeer jumped from the balcony in order to escape raiding police and died. Therefore the horde set upon the police. The Senegalese was a criminal. He jumped off and he died. That’s it. Period, I don’t care. But I do care that the others therefore took the liberty to set upon the forces of order.  

The problem should have been solved there on the spot, immediately and in any way possible. Before they begin to think that this is the way of taking care of things in Europe. And all of it should have immediately been cleared away from Spain, from Europe. It is possible to go home. There it is possible to riot, to set upon police, to demand rights, to jump from the third floor, to perish. Not here. 

And let’s look a little bit further. On Monday in a little Swedish town, in Västerås, two Eritrean animals went into the local IKEA and stabbed two people to death. Mother and son. Okay? No it’s not. Only. Because the knives for sale were set out in the kitchen department and the two sick animals decided that they would kill. Both of them were “asylum seekers.” They lived there in a reception center. The youngest, twenty-three-year-old murderer was taken into custody twenty minutes later. He did not resist. He was indifferent. Well of course. What problem could he have had? They will put him into a Swedish prison, which compared to the place he came from is paradise itself. He will live there in peace and quiet and ten years later they will let him out and the whole thing will continue as if nothing ever happened. It would have been much better had he resisted and they shot him down like a rabid dog. Although knowing conditions in Sweden, maybe he would have bitten the police down because they would have been scared that if he were harmed then the media and the idiotic and dangerous horde of rights activists would tear them apart. The Swedes now have two Eritrean murderers, though there are no longer two white Swedish citizens. 

The trade-off was certainly worth it. Long live liberalism! Long live human rights! Except if it is a matter of the European, white, Christian race. . . . 

And let’s look still even a bit further: Sky News journalists posed as jihadists and infiltrated Islamic State activists on the Internet. The result of the action: it became clear as night and day that IS terrorists are there in England just waiting for orders. And they incite the lice that sympathize with them to conduct suicide attacks in Europe. Meanwhile all the security specialists in the world have already said that IS terrorists are obviously among the hordes pouring into Europe. But because though they are animals, they are not stupid. And they don’t pass up a chance like this. Moreover the imbecile European decision-makers and the hordes of “rights activists” have opened the gates as wide as possible before them. Like drooling idiots who light matches on a powder keg and babble all the while. . . . 

The time has come to declare: something terrible has begun. Which must be stopped. Now. Using all means. Europe must be liberated from this horror. If necessary, by arms. Because if everything stays like this, then bloodshed will be unavoidable. And today the hordes still believe that only the blood of Europeans is spillable. . . . 

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