Prime Minister Orbán’s Speech to Supporters – May 10, 2014

Dear Friends! Honored Ladies and Gentlemen!

Now that we are here together in this close family environment, I would first of all like to express my personal thanks to all of you. I could not have, we could not have completed the last four years without you (formal), without you (informal). All the common achievements would not have been successful if we had not felt your support and commitment toward our mutual passion known as Hungary. Thank you, I am grateful.

The lesson is clear and simple. There is no greater power than unity. We have had the opportunity to see that it is capable of coping with seemingly impossible obstacles. That people which combines its strength is able to roll boulders previously considered immovable from its path. We Hungarians learned this from the successes in 2010 and now, in 2014. Remember back to how the first two decades following the System Change passed with so many people trying to divert us from our own national objectives. They wanted to make us Hungarians believe that these could not be achieved anyway. They tried to convince us not to take our destiny into our own hands and to take control over our own history. They wanted history to shape our character and not our character to shape our history. The result could not have been anything else than moving around in circles, disillusionment and heads turned downward.

Dear Friends!

Over the past four years, however, great and wonderful things have happened to the Hungarians. Over the past four years a revolution truly has taken place in this country. This revolution has taken place not on the streets and squares, but in the soul. It was fought not with swords and blood, but with the heart and faith. A spiritual understanding came into existence between Hungarians on this side of the border and beyond and even between right- and left-wing Hungarians: we began to believe in ourselves and in each other. We put our strength together and rolled the boulders previously considered immovable from our path. We overcame our past, we finally brought the post-communist years to an end and along with them faint-heartedness and compromise. It seemed impossible to bring Hungary from the brink of bankruptcy in four years, to elevate it back up among the developing and recognized countries of Europe. But together we succeeded. And with this we triumphed over the mentality that we cannot succeed anyway and finally we raised our heads high. It seemed impossible for us to regain Hungary’s prestige, which the left-wing manhandled in such an ugly manner. But today it is necessary to reckon with us and Hungary can again take its place among the esteemed countries. Never forget that we accomplished this together and have reached this far through the power of unity.

Honored Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends! 

The contours of a great, overarching age are defining themselves before Hungary. But we can only make it a reality if we fight every single battle. It’s painful, but we must again go to battle. The days of celebration are coming to an end right at this moment. I must sound reveille. In two weeks: elections. In European Union elections two weeks from now we must again struggle with those who represent a danger to the interests of Hungary. We know—if there is anybody who knows it’s us—that the devil never sleeps. Those who did not succeed in blocking Hungary’s renewal and development are now trying to do so in Brussels just as they have until this time. Do not forget, the fallen left-wing is always prepared to incite journalists, European Union institutions, banks, cartels and multi-national companies. They are prepared to write Tavares reports and to propagate lies about Hungary. My dear friends, I must blow the bugle call because only we can stop them. Only together can we stop them; only together can we defeat them again in two weeks. Let’s not permit representatives to go to Brussels who one way or another disparage Hungary. Let’s not permit those who dictated the Tavares Report to go to Brussels. We do not need servile people who renounce the interests of the Hungarian people. Neither should we permit those to go to Brussels who bang their heads against the wall and say that Hungary’s place is not in Europe.

Dear Friends!

In the European Union elections we must tell Brussels loudly and resolutely: respect the Hungarians! Let’s send representatives who are able to secure the respect that Hungarians deserve. Those who know what the Hungarians really want. Those who know not only that cowardly people have no homeland, but also know that courageous people do. Those who will serve Hungary in a manly way with honor and humility. Those with whom the Hungarian government can work together, us from home and them in Brussels, to win respect for the Hungarians both at home and throughout the world.

You know that the Hungarian truth comes in threes; the second is coming now.

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