The Dubious Plot (2)


Interior Minister Sándor Pintér (left) and Interior Ministry State Secretary László Tasnádi hold a press conference on November 27, 2015 (photo: MTI).

On November 24, 2015, Chief Director János Hajdú of the Orbán Government-founded Counter Terrorism Center (TEK) announced that the SWAT-secret service organization had arrested six people on consecutive days traveling in two motor vehicles carrying automatic weapons and explosives. Hajdú said that TEK had found a “genuine bomb laboratory” during a subsequent search connected to the arrests, claiming that “the possibility that the group operating the bomb laboratory belongs to a terrorist organization cannot be excluded” and that “two individuals who may have been part of extremist circles were likely on the threshold of an operation and the chances of misuse of firearms was great.” Hajdú revealed that the cases had an “international thread” (nemzetközi szál), noting that two of the people that TEK had arrested were foreign nationals (see The Dubious Plot).

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