Notable Quotes: Jobbik President Gábor Vona

“Might that orange on their flag perhaps be from Jaffa?” January 16, 2010, speaking with regard to the Fidesz party symbol (source in Hungarian). 

“We joyfully hammered the big, arrogant noses of the SZDSZ into the floor.” January 16, 2010, speaking about the largely Jewish Hungarian liberal party SZDSZ (source in Hungarian).

“For nearly 2,000 years, the Christian world has celebrated the savior, whom the Jews crucified, though he rose again after three days.” April 2, 2010 (source in Hungarian).

“The Land Law has to be amended so that the Solomons cannot buy land in Hungary.” May 1, 2010, Speaking at the annual Jobbik May Day festival in Budapest (source in Hungarian). 

“Hungary has not had a constitution with legal continuity from a historical perspective since 1949. We are not proceeding along a constitutional path. We live within the framework of a Stalinist patchwork constitution and nobody has talked about this in parliament over the past 20 years. Well we will.” May 1, 2010, Speaking at the annual Jobbik May Day festival in Budapest (source in Hungarian). 

“Over the past 60 years we have belonged to two blocs. Unfortunately Hungary has pursued bad policies in this regard. Boot-licking policies. Under communism we licked Moscow’s boots, now we lick Brussels’ and Washington’s and Tel Aviv’s.” May 1, 2010, Speaking at the annual Jobbik May Day festival in Budapest (source in Hungarian). 

Since the time of Pál Teleki, for seventy years, nobody has declared “look east Hungarian! You are an eastern people. You are the most western eastern people.” . . . The next century will be Asia’s century. And the country, Hungary, that recognizes this . . . will become the heart of Europe. May 1, 2010, Speaking at the annual Jobbik May Day festival in Budapest (source in Hungarian). 

I see that this secularized, consumer-based, immoral western culture is a sinking ship. I don’t want to die on this sinking ship. And I don’t want the Hungarian nation to go down on this sinking ship either. May 1, 2010, Speaking at the annual Jobbik May Day festival in Budapest (source A and B in Hungarian). 

“It is clear to see that even with a two-thirds majority in its possession, the government does not dare to deal with questions such as renegotiation of the debt, the critical review of European Union membership, putting a stop to the tax evasion of multinationals or even the nationalization of private pension-funds.” September 3, 2010, speaking to the Hungarian News Agency MTI regarding the first 100 days of the Orbán government (source in Hungarian). 

“With regard to the rescue of those with foreign-currency debt, Jobbik’s proposal has also remained the same since the beginning of the National Assembly election campaign, it has stood the test of time and we really hope that sooner or later the government will also take it into consideration. We say that foreign-currency loans should be converted into forints at the rate at which people took them out at the time.” September 13, 2010, speaking in the National Assembly (source in Hungarian). 

“We are not communists, we are not fascists, we are not national socialists, though we are not democrats either” January 28, 2012, during speech at Jobbik party meeting (source in Hungarian).

“We are not democrats because money and capital are not our intellectual center. We are living through the dictatorship of money and capital under the guise of democracy.” January 31, 2012, during interview on Hungarian Television (source in Hungarian).

“Today in this country, a significant portion, perhaps I could also say the majority, of the Gypsy minority has settled into an unlawful lifestyle.” September 29, 2012, during Jobbik-sponsored “Cooperation for Public Safety” demonstration in Gyöngyös (source in Hungarian at 3:10)

“Let them take 3,000 Gypsies to Brussels, integrate them, and only afterward bring them back.” September 29, 2012,  during Jobbik-sponsored “Cooperation for Public Safety” demonstration in Gyöngyös, referring to European Union officials who have encouraged measures to integrate Gypsies in Hungary (source in Hungarian). 

“We are going to bring an end to the era of Gypsy Benz [cigánymerci].” October 17, 2012, speaking at a Jobbik demonstration held at the largely Gypsy-inhabited Avas Housing Estate in Miskolc (source in Hungarian).

“Taking current circumstances into account, if it turned out about me that I were Jewish, then I would resign from my position as Jobbik president. . . .” February 6, 2013 (source in Hungarian).

“Hungary was not admitted to the EU so it could develop, but it was colonized so that they could exploit its cheap labor and take away its markets. Western companies and banks are now trying to sustain their own systems through profit pumped from the east, from us. And this is only the economic part. The [European] Union has not brought good things in an intellectual and spiritual sense either. Following the devaluation of communism, we are now living through the devaluation of capitalism. Personally, I uphold traditional thinking, that is, I believe that Europe must rediscover its own roots and must settle its relations with other traditional cultures, which by now exist only in the East.” May 6, 2013, during interview with website (source in Hungarian).

“Inasmuch as we identify modernity, which extends from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment to global capitalism, with the left wing, then we are definitely right wing. However, it is impossible to place me and my party within the right- and left-wing coordinates of current political science. It is the most accurate if we say that Jobbik is a national radical party, which is not chauvinist and which opposes global capitalism and its three main representatives—the USA, the EU and Israel—from the pedestal of universal human values.” May 6, 2013, during interview with website (source in Hungarian).

“So far I am the only one in Hungary who has declared: Euro-Atlantism must be exchanged for Eurasianism.” May 6, 2013, during interview with website (source in Hungarian).

“The really big problem is that whereas the great empires of history attempted to establish some kind of livable and healthy culture, even if this did not always succeed, the American empire is attempting to propagate an order that was sick and distorted from the beginning. This is why this world order is not comparable to ancient Rome because ancient Rome—even if with military power and economic considerations—propagated a livable culture worthy of humans. Today’s “Rome,” that is the USA, on the other hand is propagating a subhuman culture in which there are truly only economic interests and nothing else. I find it natural that if people recognize this, then they will attempt to fight against it. Everybody in their own homeland.” September 11, 2013, during interview with Voice of Russia radio (source in Hungarian). 

“They [the European Union] colonized East-Central Europe. We didn’t need the EU, but they needed us. Cheap labor, our markets—this is what counted. Look where the countries of our region are now. Did we manage to catch up [with Western Europe]? Absolutely not! In fact, the gap is even greater. And the West was very aware of this, they just dangled the carrot before us. What do you think, why don’t they admit Turkey to the [European] Union? Because they are Muslims. Of course not! Because it has a strong and independent economy that cannot be colonized like those of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, etc.” September 11, 2013, during interview with Voice of Russia radio (source in Hungarian).

“Israel must be forced to recognize the independent Palestinian state and to suspend its colonization plans with regard to Hungary.” September 11, 2013, during interview with Voice of Russia radio (source in Hungarian).

“Europe can never be a federative super state. This succeeded in the United States only after they first exterminated the historical peoples that lived there, the Indians, or shut them away in reservations. Of course, they might envisage this same fate for the historical nations of Europe as well. We stand by and watch as some kind of foolish culture idiot as they [the United States] force our states into slavery, or if we rebel, then they force us to the sidelines and if this doesn’t work, then they criminalize us.” September 11, 2013, during interview with Voice of Russia radio (source in Hungarian).

“The smallest fundamental unit of modern democracies is not the person, but its debased torso, the mass being. . . . the stupid. For the stupid, the single objective of politics is to fill his belly and to stimulate his unfurrowed mind with subhuman television programs. . . . He is the raw material of modern democracy. . . . The stupid, the pig that wallows in the hogwash and devours everything.” August 27, 2013 (source in Hungarian).

“When I referred to the denigration of Gypsies and Jews I meant, and still mean today, that there is no need for crude and vulgar racial politics—it doesn’t lead anywhere and, moreover, it is totally foreign to me personally.” December 11, 2014 (source in Hungarian).  

“Jobbik shares in the mourning of all victims—including those of the Jews—and regards insult to this mourning to be unacceptable.” March 28, 2015, referring to Jobbik National Assembly representative Gergely Kulcsár’s spitting into one of the bronze shoes on the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial to Jews murdered in Budapest at the time of the Arrow Cross Government (source in Hungarian).

“I would be really really be happy if somebody would finally step forward from among the domestic Jewish [leadership] and would say that the Holocaust hurts, that the loss of his parents and grandparents hurts, but he would not like to base Hungarian-Jewish relations in Hungary on the Holocaust. It would be such a cathartic experience if at last there were a single one among them . . . who doesn’t want to continually hit Hungarians over the head with the Holocaust as if it were some sort of bludgeon and to continually make us feel guilty—I think totally unjustifiably.” May 29, 2015, during interview on pro-Jobbik television station Nemzet1 TV (source in Hungarian beginning at 7:20).

“Those who desire Nazi romanticism, those who desire pogroms have mistaken the house number, they have no place in Jobbik.” May 30, 2015, speaking at the annual Jobbik party conference (source in Hungrian).  

“As long as Holocaust memorials have no direct political edge, [if] there is no message collectively condemning the Hungarians and the current generations, then we consider them to be proper.” June 5, 2015, speaking at a conference held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (source in Hungarian).

Last updated: June 15, 2016.

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