Pre-Election Sampler from the Freesheets

Below are scanned images from the final two issues of the free daily newspaper Lokál and the final issue of the free weekly newspaper Lokál Extra published before the April 8 National Assembly election in Hungary.

Lokál has a daily circulation of 150,000 copies and is distributed at public-transportation, railway and inter-city bus stations in Budapest. The 24-page Lokál Extra has a circulation of 1,160,000 copies and is delivered to homes and residential buildings in Budapest and 24 other cities in Hungary (source in Hungarian).

The newspapers operate under the ownership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief strategic adviser Árpád Habony and former legal adviser Tibor Győri.

The free newspapers derive a significant proportion of their revenue from publicly financed advertisements for the Orbán government or state-owned companies such as the Hungarian Electrical Works, Hungarian State Railways and lottery company Szerencsejáték.  

Both free newspapers overtly support the Orbán government and the FideszChristian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) governing coalition.

Most of the articles published in Lokál and Lokál Extra just before the April 8 National Assembly election promoted the campaign strategy and platform of the Orbán government and the Fidesz-KDNP alliance, portraying Muslim migration as a grave security, cultural and religious threat to Hungary and depicting Prime Minister Orbán and the parties under his command as the political forces that are willing and able to defend the country from this menace and the opposition parties and their leaders as the pawns of Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist George/György Soros and the local proponents of his alleged pro-migration policies known collectively as the Soros Plan.

Appearing underneath the scanned images of pages from Lokál and Lokál Extra are translations of the main titles and some of the secondary titles from the given page as well as excerpts from the text of some of the attending articles.

Note that Gábor Vona, who is the subject of many of the articles appearing below, is the president of the opposition party Jobbik.

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——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Lokál, April 6, page 1

 Viktor Orbán: “There is going to be a big battle this weekend. Nobody should stay at home.” 

This Sunday Two Times Fidesz


Lokál, April 5 and April 6, page 2

 Orbán government campaign advertisement showing a stop sign superimposed on a dense column of migrants marching through the countryside somewhere along the Balkan migration route in 2015.


Lokál, April 5, page 3

Soros’s Candidates SAID NO to the Fence

“They are lying. This summarizes the electoral machinations of the opposition. These political officials are eating from György Soros’s plate and can hardly wait to win on Sunday so they can open the way for migrants to come pouring into Hungary.”


Lokál, April 6, page 3

 Gábor Vona called Hungarians PIGS WALLOWING IN HOGWASH


Lokál, April 5, page 4

 Iranian Woman Opened Fire at You Tube Headquarters

The Popularity of Gábor Vona and Jobbik Plummets


Lokál, April 5, page 5

 Vona Lied about His Terrorist Friend

“After several requests Jobbik President Gábor Vona finally acknowledged that he met during a Kurultáj [festival] with the Turkish extremist political official Musa Serdar Çelebi, who was earlier a suspect in the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II.”


Lokál, April 6, page 6


THE OPPOSITION IS LYING IN WAIT to Implement the Soros Plan

“Let nobody have any doubt! Lurking within the opposition are György Soros’s people, who are getting everything they need in order to try to defeat Fidesz on Sunday and then, implementing György Soros’s plan, dismantle the fence in order to open the gateway to Hungary before thousands, tens of thousands of migrants. The stakes in this election are therefore enormous.”


Lokál, April 6, page 7

 A Migrant Murdered a Women Who Wanted to Help Him

“A Somalian migrant stabbed to death a 22-year-old woman who was helping refugees at the reception camp in Mölndal in southern Sweden.”

Facts About Migration

“There are 186 no-go zones in Sweden, of which 55 are particularly dangerous. Migrants rape one in eight Swedish women. The number of sex crimes has risen 26 percent in Austria and 670 percent in Leipzig because of migrants. People of ‘foreign background’ commit one out of two crimes in Australia. Migrants commit 93 out of every 100 crimes in Germany. The number of crimes has risen 10.4 percent as a result of this. Migrants attacked 1,035 physicians in France last year alone. A total of 70 million people could leave Nigeria for Europe over the next five years.”



Lokál, April 5, page 6

 A Migrant Murdered Two Women and Lived with Their Corpses for Months

Africans Committed Rape in Prague

An Immigrant Committed a Stabbing While Shouting Allahu Akbar

Orbán: the Fence Protects Budapest as Well


Lokál, April 6, page 9

 Bence Békés: I HAD ENOUGH AND LEFT the Soros Network

“He had enough, so Bence Békés, who gave an interview to Figyelő [a pro-government weekly], withdrew from the Soros network. It is shocking that, according to him, they have never before wanted to interfere from outside in Hungarian domestic politics to such a degree. He also revealed: it was possible to perceive an attempt for there to be hunger rebellions among Gypsies. Employees of Soros organizations would have trained them to hold demonstrations as well.”

The German Health Minister Acknowledged That There Are No-Gone Zones


Lokál, April 6, page 10

 “The Government Recognized the Danger of Immigration” Olivér Nacsa: We Must Defend Our Culture! 

“According to Olivér Nacsa the Hungarian government was the first and perhaps the only one that recognized the true dangers of illegal immigration. The humorist emphasized: we must defend our culture.”


Lokál, April 6, page 11


They are voting for SECURITY


Lokál, April 5, page 10

 Péter Hajdú [television program host]: THE FENCE MUST REMAIN!

I would not like it if migrants overran our homeland

Several Hundreds of Thousands Would Come without the Border Barrier


Lokál Extra, April 5, page 6

 Soros’s Candidates Would Swamp Us with Migrants


Lokál Extra, April 5, page 7

 He Murdered, Lied and Got Away with It

“A Somalian migrant executed 22-year-old Alexandra Mezhert, who worked as a volunteer at the local refugee camp, in the city of Mölndal in Sweden.”

He Murdered the Unsuspecting American Woman

“An Italian court sentenced the Senegalese illegal immigrant who killed the American Ashley Olsen in Florence with particular brutality to 30 years in prison without parole.”

He Chopped the 18-Year-Old Girl into Pieces

“A 29-year-old Nigerian migrant murdered an 18-year-old girl and then chopped her into pieces in the city of Macerata in Italy.”

An Eritrean Woman Murdered Her Own Baby


Lokál Extra, April 5, pages 6 and 7

Soros’s Candidates Would Swamp Us with Migrants


Lokál Extra, April 5, page 8

 One of Those Accused in the Assassination Attempt against the Pope IS THE MUSLIM FRIEND OF GÁBOR VONA!

The Accused in the Assassination Attempt Calls Vona a Great Friend of Islam


Lokál Extra, April 5, page 9

 They Planned the Murder of Pope John Paul II as Part of a Criminal Organization

The Known Hand Sign of the International Terrorist Organization Appears in Several Photos of Gábor Vona


Lokál Extra, April 5, page 10

 This Is How the Internet Is Laughing at the Opposition 

Last updated: April 7, 2018