Euro-Atlantic Greetings

United States Ambassador-designate to Hungary Colleen Bell.

United States Ambassador-designate Colleen Bell.

The following is an Orange Files translation of an editorial by left-wing political philosopher Gáspár Miklós Támás published on the liberal website on November 28 (see original version in Hungarian). 

Background: the editorial refers to the recent appointment of Hollywood television producer Colleen Bell to serve as the next ambassador of the United States to Hungary and the decision of the European Union not to incorporate EU members Romania and Bulgaria into the union’s passport-free Schengen zone in 2014, partially due to concerns that citizens from those countries, primarily Gypsies, will flock to western Europe in search of welfare support. 

Euro-Atlantic Greetings

Those poor, unfortunate Hungarian (and successor-state . . .) liberals imagine that the West is some kind of anti-racist and anti-nationalist paradise and looks down deeply upon eastern European ethno-chauvinistic, authoritarian stupidities. Of course its looks down upon them if they are eastern European. Their own racism is, however, rational and humane.  

The United States is sending a soap-opera producer—Mrs. Colleen Bell—smack into the middle of the  political tragedy shaking Budapest, with infallible feeling for the genre and precise, pertinent timing. 

Political philosopher and editorialist Miklós Támás Gáspár.

Gáspár Miklós Támás.

Mrs. Bell is a perfectly appropriate choice for awakening anti-American prejudices of every sort, she represents the Hollywood type that elicits the incidentally unwarranted cultural arrogance of the most provincial chauvinists. All of this is happening when it turned out that the United States National Security Agency has been listening in on half the world, including its nominal allies. It also turned out who America doesn’t listen in on: the leaders of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: that is, the racial-ethnic connection, the Anglo-Saxon community is more important than allied relations. We trust only those of our kind, frogs, krauts, dagos, wogs needn’t apply. From this we can understand what they think of the outside world there in that Washington hideaway. But you don’t have to worry: they are visibly unable to understand the opened letters and bugged telephones. Let’s just remember President Ronald Regan: “I am happy to finally be in Bolivia,” he said in Rio de Janeiro! 

The war launched as a result of 9/11 against a country that had nothing in the world to do with the attacks (Iraq) provided undisputable evidence of the standard of American defense, foreign and global policy.  A couple of hundred thousand deaths later, the government thrust upon Iraq by the United States has begun to conspire with America’s greatest enemy, Iran—what else can it do, since everybody else has totally forgotten about the country. A great Shiite empire is in the making in that part of the world, but let’s not concern ourselves with that, we must hold a seminar for our charming TV ladies about the substantial differences between the ÁVH and the AVH if they are already fluttering into Budapest as ambassador. 

(I don’t have to explain this to you, my enchanting, though patriotic reader.)

Undesired arrivals from the east.

Faces of eastern Europe.

British Prime Minister David Cameron —whose homeland is the cornerstone of western civilization,  as we know— finally showed his trump suit after a long, tiring, provocative campaign in which this smooth-faced Tory apparatchik participated tirelessly: English racism has its newest target (because the “Paki” is no longer interesting, he speaks Cockney better than the natives, since he has been a native himself for four generations): the EASTERN EUROPEAN! That is, you my fair reader, you are the riff-raff, the scum of the earth if you ask for welfare in a Roma accent, but otherwise as well. This is our other ally, the United Kingdom. From now on the eastern European rabble cannot put his dirty foot onto the sceptred isle just like that (this sceptred isle. . . this happy breed of men, the little world . . . this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England). And if he wants to have aspirin prescribed, then let him get out of here and go back to the land of the Rumanians. 

Our other wonderful ally, la République Française: here lib., egal. and frat. predominate, of course, as long as you, irresistible reader, do not want to settle there with your coarse, plonkish accent and do not want to register your grubby little Gypsy kid in preschool. Because you, reader of staggering allure, you are a Rumanian and Bulgarian Gypsy who has nothing to do with that infinitely overrefined culture that social-racist Interior Minister Manuel Valls and transfascist star and storm trooper Marine Le Pen embody (Marine Le Pen is even prepared to renounce anti-Semitism if she can bash the eastern European immigrants with suitable panache and vigor; Marine Le Pen isn’t on speaking terms with Hungary’s Jobbik, allegedly because Jobbik is too Nazi even compared to her, but really because she doesn’t want the e. European Untermensch to behave like Nazis in front of her, merde alors). (“Que vuet cette horde d’esclaves?” Quote from the Marseillaise. . . )

The British and French moderate “left-wing” (Valls, Blunkett) are holding on desparately—pardon the quote—after THE FASCI BLOKE AND THE NAZZI BEAR, the entire political spectrum of liberal democracy has found itself (and each other) in hatred and scorn of eastern Europeans. Ditto Italy, Spain immediately. 

Those poor, unfortunate Hungarian (and successor-state . . .) liberals imagine that the West is some kind of anti-racist and anti-nationalist paradise and looks down deeply upon eastern European ethno-chauvinistic, authoritarian stupidities. Of course its looks down upon them if they are eastern European. Their own racism is, however, rational and humane.  

Racism, my dear, is universal. Foreigners are not going to get rid of it. Neither are the natives. Only you. “Tu le connais, lecteur, ce monstre délicat, — Hypocrite lecteur, — mon semblable, — mon frère!” (“Hypocrite reader, my likeness, my brother!”) If at all. 

Gáspár Miklós Tamás, the author of the above editorial, is a staunch opponent of Fidesz and the authoritarian restoration the party is carrying out in Hungary. However, the disillusionment with the United States, Great Britain and France expressed in this piece, though infused with left-wing, anti-racist rhetoric, is similar to that which has prompted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, his Fidesz party and a large proportion of the Hungarian population to turn away from the West and its characteristic political and economic systems of liberal democracy and the free market back toward the East and authoritarian government and centrally controlled economy. Judging by the anger that officials in Romania and Bulgaria have expressed toward the European Union for delaying their entry into the Shengen Area, Hungary is not the only country in eastern Europe that has become disenchanted with the West. 


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