Shooting the Messenger

On November 19, the popular Hungarian political analyst Gábor Török posted the following excerpt from Perceptions, an academic journal published under the auspices of the Turkish foreign ministry’s Center for Strategic Research, on his Facebook site with the note “I recommend this to Feri Kumin (Prime Ministry State Secretary Ferenc Kumin, whose full-time job is to respond to foreign criticism of the Orbán goverment—see The Paid Bamboozler): 


This post evidently created a big stir among supporters of the Orbán government. On November 20, Török posted the following message on his Facebook site: 

It is so amusing that certain commentators have already declared war on the poor Turks as a result of the post about the Turkish institute’s publication. Whereas a London-born author who studied in America and lives in Norway wrote the article. In a Turkish specialty publication. The current world is this complex. 

Starting a diplomatic scandal with Hungary has never been easier.

Ah, strike that post please.

The same day, the Orbán government announced that Foreign Ministry Deputy State Secretary Szabolcs Takács had initiated a meeting regarding the article with Turkish Ambassador to Hungary Şakir Fakili during which the latter “distanced himself” from the statements regarding the “authoritarian track” that Hungary’s government has taken (source in Hungarian). 

Gábor Török makes his living as a political consultant to clients from across the political spectrum, presumably including many who support the FideszChristian Democratic People’s Party alliance and perhaps even party officials themselves. 

On November 21, Török wrote on his Facebook site that “I shall not read such things any more.” 

Perhaps he was being facetious.


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