Fecal Matter

On May 21, the theater portal szinhaz.hu published a video of a talk that Prime Ministry Cultural Commissioner Imre Kerényi and Attila Vidnyánszky, who will replace Róbert Alföldi as director of the National Theater this summer, made at a public forum in Budapest. With regard to the latter, Kerényi said (source in Hungarian):

He still has enough strength for it, he is of the right age, he has the education, the experience, the culture for it and he will run a National Theater that is just as popular as Alföldi’s, only it won’t be about queers, but about love and friendship and loyalty.

On May 24, Editor in Chief Gábor Élő of the pro-government newspaper Magyar Nemzet, one of the four main dailies in Hungary, wrote the following short editorial criticizing Kerény’s comment (source in Hungarian):

He smeared it. Not with deviled eggs: with intestinal mud. That came from his mouth. I can only hope not from his soul. Everything until now and everything since: national heroes, a row of symbols reek of his feces, because he spattered it all over them. He should not have. Especially as a conservative and a Christian. Only as a person for whom the word dignity still means something. That of others.

This editorial appeared in Hungary’s equivalent of the Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro or Die Welt. It serves to demonstrate how far the standard of journalism and public discourse has fallen in Hungary.


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